We can do it with your help:

We are fundraising to support travel costs, room and board, lost wages, performance space and nutritious meals for each woman participating in the 4 day Indigena project gathering / residency. This is an approximate breakdown for each cycle of 8 women:

  • $1,000 :: overnight accommodations, gathering space
  • $500 :: raw ingredients for food
  • $500 :: travel costs for 1 co-facilitator (the other will be local)
  • up to $4,000 :: lost wages at $100/day for 4 weekdays for 10 women (including facilitators who are not paid) based on need.

TOTAL :: $2,000 – $6,000

Funding will go to these categories in this order depending on how much we are able to raise. Often expenses are much less and any extra will be used toward subsequent gatherings.

We are working on finding creative ways to be self-supporting through our creative process.

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